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The “Fusion League” is a division of the “Energy League,” an entity which does not yet formally exist.  Both Leagues will be structured to clear up the information signal and channel competition into collaboration for the purpose of accelerating energy innovation and improving decision making.  Also, both are designed to make the pursuit of better energy more gameful and positive.

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Mar 09, 2018

Race to Be the First Zero Carbon State

May 04, 2014

We are launching a new entity, “Footprint to Wings” to kick off theRace to be the First Zero Carbon State.

Earth Hour - Ninja Style

Mar 29, 2014

Does the thought of turning the lights off early for Earth Hour fill you with dread?  Let the Ninjas inspire you with their natural approach to energy conservation.

Solutions Project:  Just Add Nuclear

Feb 25, 2014

The League is calling for a national Race to be the first Zero Carbon State.  We are now looking for plans that can help each state win.  It turns out there are many vague ideas, but few specific plans.  The shining exception - the Solutions Project!  Can their plan be accelerated with a few tweaks (like, say, adding nuclear?)  Which plan will appeal the most to consumers and taxpayers?  Which will inspire the quickest action?  What’s your plan?

Order of Operations

Feb 12, 2014

What energy do you vote off Earth Island first?

Atomic Obsession:  Nuclear Alarmism from Hiroshima to Al-Qaeda

Jan 06, 2014

Cooking for Geeks

Nov 28, 2013

I See Dead People:  Energy Supply Habeas Corpse Off

Oct 25, 2013

Ghost stories are fun on a long winter’s night, but when real lives are at stake, you need to be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is a phantom, and make your decisions accordingly.

Michael Moore & Robert Stone Discuss Nuclear Energy

Sep 19, 2013

Big Hairy Nuclear Energy Plan

Sep 08, 2013

How much nuclear energy do we need to achieve a great quality of life for ten billion (10,000,000,000) people with zero (0) carbon footprint, in perpetuity (∞)?  In a flat out push, how soon could we get that energy online?  What steps do we need to take to make it happen?

Simon Pegg Neutron Cream Public Service Announcement

Sep 04, 2013

Thanks to Simon Pegg for this timely PSA on the proper usage of Neutron Cream.

Geothermal Energy:  “The Earth Bleeds Lava”

Sep 03, 2013

This video shows the ways to make use of earth’s inner heat.

The Aurora Borealis Explained

Sep 03, 2013

This animation explains the Aurora Borealis.  In so doing, it explains how fusion works, how solar flares and sun spots are formed, and what the magnetosphere does.

Let’s Nuke Fossil Fuels

Aug 26, 2013

Let’s nuke fossil fuels - in the best sense of “nuking.”

Fossil Fuels Are Nuking Our Planet

Aug 25, 2013

Every day, Fossil Fuels put more heat in our atmosphere than 345,000 Hiroshima bombs.  Every year, they kill more people than 15 Hiroshima Bombs.  Are we going to stand for this?

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