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A primary function of the League will be to make data on the progress of fusion experiments legible to taxpayers and potential investors.  The data must be clear, accessible and impartial.  To this end, design of a Fusion Experiment Tracker is key.  A bridge from peer review to the public, it must be structured to help make sense of the fusion endeavor.

Bringing the Fusion Tracker to life will require data, skill and collaboration.  Donate to make it happen.  Contribute your intellect and sweat equity.  Discuss in the Forums.  Join our Meetup Group, many meetups will be devoted to tracker design.

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Ecologist Eric Berlow and physicist Sean Gourley apply algorithms to the entire archive of TEDxTalks and reveal an age bias regarding fusion.

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Please join us in developing a “Fusion Philanthropy App” to connect supportive people with fusion projects for the advancement of fusion.

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Few people are aware of the many conditions under which fusion can occur. Luckily, Irv Lindemuth et al have written a review of fusion to help the rest of us identify the density-temperature space where fusion gain can be achieved. The analysis offers a general understanding why there is such an extreme difference between the conventional approaches to controlled fusion, MCF (which uses a giant “magnetic cage” and ICF (which uses hundreds of laser beams pointed at a small target). It also helps us see how much of the parameter space of fusion has yet to be explored.

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Fusion Tracker

Designed to clear through the noise and produce a useful signal of fusion experiment progress. The output must be clear and impartial, in a form that is legible to taxpayers and potential investors.
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