Establishing a “Fusion League” in the Public Interest

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When you have a project as ambitious as the realization of practical energy from fusion; a project that requires the collaboration of many people, organizations and countries; a project that also has a strong competitive component and that requires public support - a “League” approach is the way to go!

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Dec 11, 2016

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Mar 23, 2013

The Fusion Energy League would like to set up the @FusEnLeague twitter account to be taken over weekly by different fusion researchers, investors and protagonists, people who have a fusion story and desire.

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Fusion triple product has been advancing faster than Moore’s Law since around 1970.

Fusion Power Associates 2011 Annual Meeting

Feb 11, 2012

A warm thank you to Steve Dean, Dale Meade, Ruth Watkins and the Board of the Fusion Power Associates for a smoothly executed and well moderated Annual Meeting.  Thank you to the attendees for making it so lively this year.

Football League vs. Fusion League

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In honor of Superbowl Sunday we ponder the lessons of the NFL and how they can apply to the Fusion Energy League.

Associate Member Benefits

Nov 02, 2011

When you donate to the Fusion Energy League (FEL) as an Associate Member, you become part of an informed, diverse collection of people working together to make a better world:  a world in which the pursuit of fusion is enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding; and the realization of fusion is accelerated.  You become a social investor, a fusion philanthropist. 

Fusion Power Associates 2010 Annual Meeting

Oct 01, 2011

Thanks to Steve Dean, Director of Fusion Power Associates for coordinating this event, and to fire.pppl for posting all the presentations below.


Fusion League

In which we presume to establish a Fusion League and invite you to join and help formalize the parameters.
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