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There are many ways to get involved in the quest to leverage energy tribalism. First, realize you have a role to play, and that it’s important!

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Introductory Videos for the Giving Library

Aug 06, 2013

Action wanted!  A social media project you can help out with.

CGP Grey Explains his one-stick-figure operation

Aug 06, 2013

...and how important your contributions are to making it thrive.

John Hodgman, Economic Genius

Aug 02, 2013

The Fusion Energy League has a sound plan to nuke fossil fuels and usher in the fusion age - and more!  This plan will come to fruition when you (yes you!) get involved.  Why?  Because that’s how it works.  Ask John Hodgman.

Fusion Philanthropy App

May 03, 2013

Please join us in developing a “Fusion Philanthropy App” to connect supportive people with fusion projects for the advancement of fusion.

Contact your House Representative to Support the 2015 Holt Fusion Dear Colleague Letter

Apr 08, 2013

Hey Everyone!  Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ) is currently circulating a dear colleague letter, to be sent to the House Appropriations Committee, requesting strong funding for the Office of Fusion Energy Sciences in FY 2015.  If this is something you agree with, please contact your Representative today and ask them to sign the letter.  The more people contact their Reps, the more we get the message across that people want fusion!

Forbes:  A Challenge to America:  Develop Fusion Power in a Decade

Apr 03, 2013

An inspiring article in Forbes challenges us to energy excellence.

Letter From the Founder

Mar 11, 2013

Please allow me to introduce myself and the Fusion Energy League.

So you want to be a FEL Board Member

Feb 14, 2012

Do you get what the Fusion Energy League is about?  Do you agree with the mission?  Are you prepared to state the case for it and pull together the resources needed to support it?  Then you could be a board member!

Fusion Partnership Council

Nov 03, 2011

We seek influential, successful individuals and organizations interested in the fusion mission to provide technical, financial and leadership support.

Fusion Call to Action

Nov 03, 2011

Every Quest begins with a call to action, an epic challenge that will test the core of our being.

Associate Member Benefits

Nov 02, 2011

When you donate to the Fusion Energy League (FEL) as an Associate Member, you become part of an informed, diverse collection of people working together to make a better world:  a world in which the pursuit of fusion is enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding; and the realization of fusion is accelerated.  You become a social investor, a fusion philanthropist. 


Get Involved

What is your role in making fusion energy happen?
Thank You!

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