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We are all characters in a dynamic, interactive reality right now, called “The Quest for Fusion”.  By becoming conscious of the gameful aspects of the situation, we can develop tools to bring about epic wins in energy.  This is not to trivialize the pursuit of fusion, but to bring the skills of the emerging “entertainment-industrial complex” to bear.

Top Projects

Fusion Games in Development
Fusion Experiment Tracker
Fusion Philanthropy App
Energy League Brackets
Coming soon: NIMBY; Nuclear Pride and Prejudice

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Young Environmentalists Drawn to Nuclear Fusion and Energy

Sep 20, 2013

Ecologist Eric Berlow and physicist Sean Gourley apply algorithms to the entire archive of TEDxTalks and reveal an age bias regarding fusion.

Pipe Trouble

Jul 14, 2013

A controversial game from Pop Sandbox!  Connect the pipeline.  Build fast and stay on budget.  But keep an eye on the environment.  Sounds simple.  And yet…

Antimatter Matters

Jul 14, 2013

A quantum physics themed board game available on Kickstarter. (That’s right, it got funded, so now sign up to get your copy!)

What Problem Are We Trying to Solve?

Jul 12, 2013

Participation in the Games for Change Festival prompts some organizational soul searching.

What the Frack - the Game

Jul 11, 2013

In honor of my fracktivist friends, here is What the Frack.  Enjoy!

Black Tablecloth Trick

Jul 08, 2013

We want to make some big changes in the world.  Replace fossil fuels with nuclear and renewables.  What about the upheaval?  The tablecloth trick is our guiding metaphor for pulling this off while keeping things stable.

Games For Change Festival, 2013

Jul 07, 2013

Inspiration from the Games for Change Festival.

Fusion Philanthropy App

May 03, 2013

Please join us in developing a “Fusion Philanthropy App” to connect supportive people with fusion projects for the advancement of fusion.

Computer Code, Social Media and Fusion

Oct 23, 2012

Inspired by the CleanWeb Hackathon we ask, “how can computer code and social media change how people interact with fusion?”

Exodus to the Virtual World:  How Online Fun is Changing Reality

Apr 28, 2012

Bowfinger Syndrome in Fusion

Mar 10, 2012

How much cash and sweat equity is it going to take to make a great fusion game?  A great fusion website?  Great fusion?

Stabilization Wedges Game

Feb 15, 2012

Thanks to Princeton and the Carbon Mitigation Initiative for bringing us the Wedges Game.

MIT Gets $3Million for Science Education Games

Feb 12, 2012

The Philanthropy News Digest reports that the MIT Education Arcade has received a $3 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to research, design, and build a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) to help high school students learn math and biology.

Fusionfall - a Cartoon Network game

Feb 09, 2012

In this game, the word “fusion” is associated with a malevolent planet, bent on destroying other planets by fusing with and distorting life forms.  Looks like fun! 

Alas, it’s not an energy themed game.

Football League vs. Fusion League

Feb 05, 2012

In honor of Superbowl Sunday we ponder the lessons of the NFL and how they can apply to the Fusion Energy League.

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Games & Apps

Games leverage play to bring about innovation and growth. Game and app designers have a big role to play in the advancement of fusion!
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