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In which we leverage narrative (film, book, music, performance art, and so forth) and celebrity in support of fusion.

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Mar 09, 2018

Take the Shot

Oct 01, 2013

In a world where the government has shut down and universities burn, one woman…in pursuit of fusion…must risk everything…

Homage to the fusioneer: 60 Years of Fusion research in 5 minutes.

Sep 23, 2013

A video covering 60 years of fusion research by John Smith (“The Polywell Guy”).  Beautiful work with some rare videos and pictures. The joy and agony of science.

Simon Pegg Neutron Cream Public Service Announcement

Sep 04, 2013

Thanks to Simon Pegg for this timely PSA on the proper usage of Neutron Cream.


Aug 25, 2013

John Hodgman, Economic Genius

Aug 02, 2013

The Fusion Energy League has a sound plan to nuke fossil fuels and usher in the fusion age - and more!  This plan will come to fruition when you (yes you!) get involved.  Why?  Because that’s how it works.  Ask John Hodgman.

The Making of The American Landscape

Jul 08, 2013

Nuclear Pride and Prejudice

Jul 07, 2013

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a community in possession of a good economy must be in want of a steady energy supply.”

The Righteous Mind:  Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion

Jul 05, 2013

Year Zero

Jul 05, 2013

Celebrate Fusion Exploration with Sigils

May 15, 2013

Students from the Albert Einstein Institute created Game of Thrones-style sigils to pay tribute to some of the most exciting projects in physics and space exploration.  We are inspired to do likewise for fusion ventures.

The Story of Physics

Apr 09, 2013

From the BBC.  Enjoy!

Fusion Rotation Curation

Mar 23, 2013

The Fusion Energy League would like to set up the @FusEnLeague twitter account to be taken over weekly by different fusion researchers, investors and protagonists, people who have a fusion story and desire.

“But we already have a fusion reactor, it’s called the Sun”

Mar 14, 2013

When exploring the idea of fusion, many people invoke the sun, not as inspiration, but as a reason to dismiss the earthly fusion program.

Fusion’s “Crackpot” Reputation

Jan 06, 2013

Where does fusion’s bad rep come from?

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What will you tell your children years from now when they ask "what was your role in making fusion happen?" aka Narrative and celebrity in support of fusion.
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