Fusion Day with a slice of Pi + ASP 10 year fusion plan

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Mar 08, 2013 at 08:19 AM
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Fusion Day 2013 falls on Thursday, March 14th, Pi Day!  In connection with Fusion Day, the American Security Project is launching a new white paper proposing a 10 year plan to fusion production.  They will host a session on The Hill on March 13th to kick start this effort.

What is PI (π) Day?

Pi Day  is celebrated on March 14.  That’s 3.14.  π Pi!  It’s a day to celebrate math in general, and our favorite irrational number in particular. 

For those of you in New Jersey, the festivities start this weekend (March 9 and 10 - “Pi day observed”) in Princeton. http://www.pidayprinceton.com/ 

You might also want to watch the movie, Pi.  And that other movie, Life of Pi.  That’s 2π.  Throw in an r (R rating?) and you’ll have the area covered. No wait!  That’s just the circumference.

What is Fusion Day?

“Fusion Day” is an annual event coordinated by members of the fusion community.  There was one last year, too.  At present, “Fusion Day” is a government relations event, an outreach from fusion scientists to politicians on Capitol Hill.
On this day, representatives of the various labs, universities and fusion projects make their way to our nation’s capital to visit their district’s congressional representatives, senators, and members of various committees.  Not everyone goes, and not every fusion project is represented as “labs want to spend their congressional brownie points in a certain way.” There is strategy behind these meetings. Appointments are made in advance. 

Activities begin with a casual dinner the night before (Wednesday, March 13th) to talk strategy.  On Thursday morning, the group meets for breakfast at Tortilla Coast, located a block away from the House Office Buildings.  There, they hear from a guest speaker from Capitol Hill about budgetary expectations in the upcoming legislative year.  Then, people break up into groups and head out to lobby educate their representatives.

Fusion day is meant to coincide with the release of the President’s Fiscal Year Budget.  FY 2014 was expected to be released in early March, but now it looks as if it will come out in early April

What can I do to be a part of Fusion Day?

The object of fusion day is to “educate members of Congress and their staff about the importance and promise of fusion energy research and plasma science.”  The folks who are going, will be meeting in person, on Fusion Day to do this.  You can participate by calling or writing your representatives in the same spirit, telling them how you value fusion. 

Fusion Day participants are encouraged to contact representatives who support fusion as well as those who may be unfamiliar with, or indifferent to, fusion.  In particular, the Senators and Congressmen on the house and Senate appropriations committees have a unique influence on fusion funding decisions, so it is vital that you contact them with your message.  If you see someone from your state on the following lists - please contact them:

  1. Members of the House Appropriations Committee; Especially the ones on the House Energy and Water subcommittee
  2. Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, especially those on the Energy and Water Subcommittee

American Security Project White Paper Launch

Per their newsletter:

The American Security Project, long disappointed with our government’s tepid support for fusion energy research, has decided to take this bull by the horns and propose a 10 year plan to production.  We know this can work, but our country must dedicate the resources and energy in order to get it done.  With that, we are going to launch a new white paper with a session on The Hill on March 13th to kick start this effort.

More Information on the ASP 10 Year Plan 
Don’t forget to sign up for ASP Alerts.
Also, follow them on Twitter.  @Amsecproject

Where can I get my Fusion Day T-Shirt?

There should be an official Fusion Day T-Shirt.  Who’s in charge?  Where can we get one?  Let us know.

If there isn’t a T, let’s see some designs!  On that note, further down the line, we’d like to see Fusion League Jerseys - with divisions and teams/labs, devices sporting their logo and colors within a League framework…NFL like
In a pinch - try the Think Geek “Day Without Fusion” version

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