Social Media for Fusion Step 1:  Listening

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Nov 27, 2012 at 12:23 PM
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Staying on message isn’t as important as finding out what people really think, feel and want to know about your cause.  Only then can you craft a message that is worth staying on.

In order to launch a successful pro fusion social media campaign, we’ll need a robust fusion message that will stand up to the rough and tumble of the public sphere.  After all, we’re not just asking people to Like a cute picture of a cat, we’re asking them to support the allocation of hard earned money to fusion research.  In light of fusion’s delayed gratification and uncertainty factors, this will take some thought.

Social Media doesn’t work if your story is not compelling. You’ll need a strong case to go the distance and withstand trolls. Something logical, emotionally appealing and true. While most people don’t have the time to take in the message carefully, they follow the recommendations of their friends who do.  This means the influencers are people who won’t be satisfied with a simple message that glosses over things, people who poke and prod until they feel confident about it.  You have to craft a genuinely appealing case.  Otherwise, social media tends to expose your flaws and make things worse.

The good news is, fusion is a brilliantly worthwhile endeavor.  And at this stage, social media can help the fusion community hone in on what matters most to supporters and develop a better case.  To paraphrase Stanford Smith, “Social media is the world’s largest and most effective focus group.  Find your supporters and listen to what they are saying.  What are they sharing?  What features are most popular?  What do they hate?”

Once the tough work is done and we have a good story that resonates with the fusion community, wins over supporters and overcomes trolls, then we can turn our attention to the exponential growth of the audience and get fusion all the support it deserves. 

Yes, this means homework.  Are you a member of the fusion community?  Start listening to what people are saying about you.  Contemplate the message.  Are you a supporter?  Start talking about what you really want to know about fusion.  More on this topic soon!

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