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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Mar 27, 2012 at 05:40 PM
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Theodore Roosevelt, conservationist and former US President, is known to have said,

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The next best thing you can do is the wrong thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

This advice applies to energy plans. The work of energy is not for the faint of heart or those who want to have the answers in advance.  It is for those who are bold and will try whatever it takes to get the job done, even if some approaches end in failure.  It is for people who are not intimidated by uncertainty.

At present, the quest for a sustainable energy future is shackled by a spirit of caution, an expectation of limited budgets and acceptance of limited avenues of inquiry.  Premature down-selection (doing nothing) pervades.  [Although some boldness is emerging.  Check out the Solutions Project.  And more boldness - just add nuclear.  And with that in progress, feel free to explore the horizons with fusion and all kinds of other energy advances].

What we need right now is a shot of inspiration from Teddy Roosevelt.

In the absence of the actual TR, check out “A Mulholland Christmas Carol” by Bill Robens, which will be shown this year at the Theatre of Note.  This play fuses the life story of William Mulholland with Charles Dicken’s “Christmas Carol”. 

In the play, Roosevelt is the “Ghost of Christmas Present.”  He visits Mulholland and, after prefacing his song with the above quote, sings the following (yes, it’s a musical):

Get up!
Get out of bed!
We’ve a long night’s journey ahead.
Don’t be afraid and don’t be reticent.
If I had acted in this way,
I would never have been president.

You want examples then I shall
Submit to you,
A dammed canal!

A dozen years we left the French,
to navigate that dreadful trench.
It was no use.  Could not be done.
Progress:  Nil.  Mosquitos: One.

I took the job upon myself,
to dig to the Pacific shelf.
We fired the French, relieved a debt,
our troubles were not over yet.
Columbia was soon at hand,
for technically it was their land…
I sent them threats and ships as well,
to blow them to infernal h&*l!
And now one need not brave the horn
for THAT’s - my friends - how PANAMA
was born.

And that’s just bully.
Simply bully.
Don’t be afraid to risk defeat
and live your life more fully.
You will succeed and have more fun,
if you say, “Bully,”
forge ahead
and see to it the job is done!

(c) Bill Robens


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Watch the Mulholland Christmas Carol!  Back after a noted absence for its tenth year anniversary, it played at the Theatre of Note from November 30th - December 22nd, 2013.

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