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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Nov 15, 2011 at 05:42 PM
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The Patent Troll,” an interview with Erich Spanenberg of IP Navigation, looks at the future of patents.

Erich Spanenberg makes a fortune suing major corporations for infringing on patents he owns. Is he exploiting a legal loophole or is he a modern-day Robin Hood? A look at one very unusual and vilified profession.

What effect might patent trolling have on the pursuit of fusion?  That depends on how it evolves.

Spangenberg predicts a day when corporations and trolls will live in relative harmony. He estimates that in the near future, litigation will be taken out of the patent equation, and people will buy and sell intellectual property in a way similar to the method now used to buy and sell works of art: auctions with built-in criteria to determine value.

He explains: “The courts are intermediaries for patents right now, and the courts are extremely inefficient. Patents will trade as a commodity in the next five to six years, and what I do won’t even exist.”

As evidence of this “new market,” Spangenberg points to the company Ocean Tomo that began holding large patent auctions in 2006, creating a forum for companies, inventors and, yes, trolls, to buy and sell patents. Approximately 500 IP and business professionals have attended past Ocean Tomo events.

Spangenberg said there are also steps being taken toward devising an algorithm to asses the quality of patents, and that developing patent metrics will help move toward a litigation-lite patent system. “Litigation is horrible,” Spangenberg says, “My objective is to eliminate it. Not entirely, because they’ve outlawed dueling, so as a last resort litigation is the right way to go, but right now it’s used as a primary resort and it’s expensive and a waste of everyone’s time. We’re not quite there yet, but we’ll get there.”

He doesn’t explain how a person with several lawsuits underway will help to eliminate litigation, but he does add, “Look, I make an unbelievable living. It’s insane, but I’m not going to apologize for it.”

Speaking of food, Nathan Myhrvold, another alleged patent troll is, like Erich Spanenberg, known for being a chef

Coincidence?  It’s all good food.

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