Homage to the fusioneer: 60 Years of Fusion research in 5 minutes.

Posted by Matt Moynihan on Sep 23, 2013 at 07:14 PM
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A video covering 60 years of fusion research by John Smith (“The Polywell Guy”).  Beautiful work with some rare videos and pictures. The joy and agony of science.

Thanks @ThePolywellGuy!

Published on Dec 26, 2012

The film is dedicated to: Alex Klien, Charles Chase, Bill Pickles, Edwin Kintner, Ken Fowler, John Clarke, Richard F. Post, Jay Kesner, Fred Coensgen, Marshall Rosenbluth, David Baldwin, Lawrence Lidsky, Vladimir Pastukhov, Eric Lerner, Robert Bussard, Hannes Alfvén, Robert Hirsch, David Meyerhofer, Taylor Wilson, Harold P. Furth, Lyman Spritzer, George Miley, Andrea Rossi, Martin Fleischmann, Eugene Mallove, Stanley Pons, Charlie Thompson, Philo Farnsworth, John Sethian, Rusi Taleyarkhan, Bob Cook, Wayne Knox, Albert Simon, R. J. Taylor, Gérard Mourou Edward Moses, John Lindl, Jonathan Howard, Daniel Lizarralde, Mark Suppes, Lev Artsimovich, Francis F. Chen, Peter Catto, Ricardo Betti, William Barr, DC Barns, Rick Nebel, Marsha Freeman, Hans-Otto Wüster, Martin Keilhacker, Jérôme Paméla, Francesco Romanelli, Moshe J. Lubin, Thomas Dolan, Michel Laberge, Doug Richardson, Norman Rostoker, Richard Hull, Hendrik J Monkhorst, Michl Binderbauer, Gerald L. Kulcinski, Hiroshi Azechi, Nakai Mitsuo, Shigemori Keisuke, Joseph Kilkenny, Freeman Dyson, Michael E. Mauel, Joe Khachan, Jeff Sanderson, Hew Leggit, Todd Rider, H. J. Oskam, George Bekefi, Thaddeus Orzechowski, John Deutch, David Rose, Donna Strickland, Edward Teller, John Lawson, Jim Tuck, Robert Hofstadter, Robert J. Burke, Stephen Slutz, Stanley Skupsky, Martin Schwarzschild, Andrei Sakharov, Stephen Dean, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Evgeny Velikhov, Nicholas Krall, John F. Santarius, Abbas Nikroo, Brian Cox, Melvin Gottlieb, Arthur Ruark, Arthur Snell, James Berkowitz, Harold Grad, Nicholas Christofilos, George Sawyer, Herman Postma, Tihiro Ohkawa and all who quest for fusion power.

Machines: Perhapsatron, Astron, Picket Fence, Savannah River, Migma, Fusor, ZETA, Theta Pinch, Baseball, Omega, Shiva, Cyclops, Stellerator, Baseball-II, Tandem Mirror Experiment, Tandem Mirror Experiment Upgrade, Nova, Mirror Fusion Test Facility, Cold Fusion, Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor, Spheromak, Reverse Field Pinch, Z-machine, Amateur Fusors, NIKE krypton fluoride Laser, Joint European Tourus, Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research, Spherical Confinement Ion Focus, International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, National Ignition Facility, Bubble Fusion, Leviatating Dipole Experiment, Omega Extended Performance, Focus Fusion, ICF Targets, Polywells, LENR, Lithium Compression, MaghLIF.

  Category:  Science & Technology
  License:  Standard YouTube License


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