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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Aug 14, 2012 at 09:06 AM
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Thank you to the American Security Project (ASP) for putting together this map of fusion experiments.

The map identifies the three major experiments for research into magnetically-confined fusion:

  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory,
  • the Plasma Science and Fusion Center at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT), and
  • the DIII-D Research Program at General Atomics’ Fusion Energy Research Lab in San Diego.

Per ASP, “These experiments are supported by major scientific research institutions like Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and by a range of businesses, contractors, and researchers in every corner of the country.”

The ASP map shows where America’s fusion research is being done and where businesses that support the program are located.  Click image to see live map on ASP page.

A link to ASP’s fusion mini-site can be found here.

ASP wrote an Op-ed for AOL Energy on the importance of investments in fusion energy, to read it, click here.

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