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Posted by Rezwan Razani on May 03, 2013 at 10:42 AM
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Please join us in developing a “Fusion Philanthropy App” to connect supportive people with fusion projects for the advancement of fusion.


Are you a fusion philanthropist?  (Become one now!)  Do you know any? 

Why is fusion philanthropy rare at present?  One factor is that most potential fusion philanthropists aren’t aware that their support is wanted or needed.  Another is that people want to support fusion, but don’t know how to direct their efforts and funds.  A handy app can help to supply the critical information and context to help advance fusion philanthropic action.

Fusion Philanthropist POV

Consider a potential fusion philanthropist, wondering what fusion project to support: you have a sense that fusion philanthropy is something you’d like to do.  Are you getting a clear information signal from the fusion community? 

What factors weigh into the decision for fusion philanthropy?  You may want to support research, education, your Alma Mater, your state or region.  You may be drawn to specific facets of research (basic science, different experimental devices, crossover applications, and so forth).  Where would you go for information to help have maximum impact on the endeavor?

Enter the Fusion Philanthropy App.

Imagine an app you can download.  Up will pop all kinds of information about fusion researchers and organizations and the work they are (and would like to be) doing and how you can help.

Your tentative philanthropic interest in fusion can solidify as the case for fusion (and specific ways to have an impact) resolves before your eyes.  You will see how the projects are interrelated, where the gaps are, how your support affects one project as well as the whole endeavor. 

Friendly rivalries can be leveraged (folks from different Alma Maters racing to raise more money for their universities’ fusion programs). 

Help Design the Fusion Philanthropy App

What features you would like to see in a fusion philanthropy app?  Your input will help with the design.

To begin with, the Fusion Philanthropy App will revolve around projects, and their related organizations. 

Step one of app design is to itemize all the projects in play that would benefit from philanthropic input - a wish list of projects and their funding requirements.  It makes sense to start with university programs and educational pro fusion nonprofits as this type of entity is more traditionally connected to philanthropy. 

Fusion Organizations, Take Action!

Fusion philanthropists need access to information in context.  The App thus needs to integrate information about organizations with information about experiments.  Where will the information come from?  The groups doing the work

Do you represent any of the fusion organizations and websites listed here? Join the conversation!  Get involved in the app design and content provision.  Some things to discuss:

  • Specific types of information you think should be included about an organization or project;
  • ways to standardize the information (templates);
  • actions you would like people to take;
  • Types of widgets, logos or feeds that would be good to integrate.

Development Office POV

Are you a director of development at a University?  How would a fusion philanthropy app best fit into the fundraising for the university?  Let us know!

Part of a Broader Fusion Tracking Strategy

The data and design that will go into making the “Fusion Philanthropy App” will be relevant to other apps we plan to build, such as the “Fusion Investor App” and the “Fusion Experiment Tracker”. The information can be used on many levels for still further apps and even games, designed by others.  We’re starting with the Philanthropy App because that’s the most critical step at present.

Meta Philanthropy

At present, the fusion challenge needs resources:  people, funds, commitment, teamwork.  Thus the fusion philanthropy app is our top priority project.  We’ll be hosting hackathons to develop the app that will show people how best to get involved.  Donate early and donate often to speed up the development of this app.  Join our meetup group, get on the mailing list, comment, join the conversation.

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In the NY, NJ area?  Join our local Meetup.  We’ll be getting together to have a Fusion Philanthropy App hackathon!

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