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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Nov 09, 2011 at 08:39 AM
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When we say “fusion” many people think “food”. Why fight it? Food is an excellent cultural anchor that can be leveraged to illustrate and celebrate fusion and the many approaches to fusion power production.  With the Fusion Food Campaign, we will collaborate with food lovers to develop fusion-themed, physics-explaining recipes, then garnish and serve!


To get fusion on the table - both as a topic of conversation and as delicious fare for eating; and to generate a stock of food ideas and recipes for upcoming fusion events.

The Role of Food in the Quest for Fusion

  • Well nourished scientists are more likely to have fusion breakthroughs.
  • Investors or philanthropists who have just had a fabulous fusion feast will be more inclined to fund fusion.
  • Physics is hard to understand, until you explain things with jello.  And peppers
  • Even if you don’t succeed in explaining physics with food, you will have fun!  And warm (if vague) regards for fusion.
  • If we’re eating great food and socializing, we won’t notice how long it takes to achieve fusion, and we’ll enjoy the quest a whole lot more.
  • If we figure out fusion quickly, we’ll need a great feast to celebrate!


Fusion Food Improv

  • Bring physicists and chefs together.
The physicists talk about fusion concepts.
  • The chefs and physicists brainstorm about how to convey these concepts with food.
  • Dishes are prepared and consumed.  There is feasting and much rejoicing and digesting of concepts.
  • Participants and spectators gain an understanding of physics and food, or in any case, see fusion exists and is slightly different from food.
  • The event is recorded for posterity/youtube/the growing recipe files.

Website Enhancement

We need to set up our website to facilitate fusion food development.

  • Set up the website for recipe posting - create an online fusion cookbook allowing members and visitors to express themselves.
  • Reach out to other food websites.  Get their interest and expertise in food activated.  Also, figure out a way to integrate our recipes onto those sites, perhaps by getting those sites to have a “fusion (nuclear)” category. 
  • Add a ranking feature to select the best recipes and concept explanations for inclusion in the official Fusion Energy League cookbook.

Other Activities

  • Solicit TV chefs or cookbook writers to do fusion food extravaganzas.

  • Solicit magazines to run fusion food articles.
  • Approach food and beverage manufacturers as corporate sponsors and makers of fusion-promoting fusion foods, using copy and pitches developed in this forum.


  • Fusion Food Friends:  Relationships.  A growing group of fusion food buddies.
  • Events and Memories:  We’ll have great memories from the fusion food events we host and participate in.
  • Propagation of the Fusion Food Meme: Recipes popping up everywhere.  Everyone’s fixin’ fusion flapjacks, etc.
  • A Growing Library of Fusion Food Ideas.  A cupboard stocked with fusion themed food ideas and recipes that people will use.

  • Fusion food themed product ideas for use as Member perks and as outreach and educational tools.  (Note that we don’t have to produce these products ourselves.  We’re putting these ideas out there and products will come into being as people and companies pursue the ideas.)


Eventually, we hope to inspire the following:

  • Fusion Bonded With.  Many people will have formed a strong and lasting bond with the fusion endeavor at a gut level. 
  • Beloved Fusion Cooking Show.What starts as physicsts visiting cooking shows takes on a life of its own.
  • The Show Hits the Road  The cooking show goes on the road, getting us to connect with fusion experiments in their actual locations.  Geographic dimension comes into play.  The chefs travel around the country and world, visiting the physicists on their home turf, selecting ingredients from the “backyards” of these experimental facilities (a way to address NIMBY).  For example, LPP is in New Jersey, Tri Alpha is in California, ITER (best name for a cooking show) is in France…
  • Cookbooks:  At the end of this, we’ll have a lot of dishes to choose from.  We pick the ones that best illustrate the ideas.  Each approach can also have a cookbook.  “ITER” has great possibilities in the name of a cookbook.  The inspiration for said cookbook is the Star Wars Cook Book, especially the wookie cookie one.
  • Consumer products  Cooking products & foods with a fusion theme.  Licensing will be involved here.  An example of this is bubbly drinks (celebrate fusion and find out about neutron detection from the blurb that comes with the bottle!), cookie cutters, toroidal shaped cooking molds, etc.
  • Potential Revenue Stream.  Linking revenue from the cooking and products to fusion research projects. We hope folks will donate a portion of the proceeds to this organization or to projects they find out about through the various food themed initiatives.

And then as all of this starts coming together and gathering momentum, we sit back and enjoy the resulting infusion of actual fusion cooking into the world!

Bon fusion apetit!

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* Or other energy concepts - express yourself!  Surprise us.


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