Football League vs. Fusion League

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Feb 05, 2012 at 01:26 PM
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In honor of Superbowl Sunday we ponder the lessons of the NFL and how they can apply to the Fusion Energy League.

From an article in Slate, How the NFL=Socialism

Just before last year’s Super Bowl, Bill Maher devoted one of his “New Rules” to the NFL. Labeling the bit “Irritable Bowl Syndrome,” he began by saying that “Americans must realize what makes NFL football so great: socialism.” He is referring, of course, to the league’s rigorous revenue sharing, which he contrasts with the less fair system employed by Major League Baseball. The NFL, he says, “literally shares the wealth. TV is their biggest source of revenue, and they put all of it in a big commie pot and split it 32 ways.”

Warning, language.

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Applications for the Fusion Energy League

Consider the Fusion Energy League as an organization that functions like the NFL. Labs and projects are “teams”; scientists, “players”.  The Fusion League is part of a larger “Energy League.”  Brackets are involved.

How would you set up a revenue sharing funding pool (fusion funds, fusion bonds?) to encourage growth of the league?  Would it encourage innovation?  Increase revenue flow and investment?  Would a “fantasy fusion league” trivialize the fusion endeavor, or increase popularity and support?

Your thoughts in the comments below!


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