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In addition to tracking fusion experiments, we plan to track our fellow fusion organizations.  Here’s a preliminary list of fusion organizations and websites and our tracking strategy

This section requires development.  Donate to speed things up.  Help us keep up to date and let us know if we’ve missed any organizations.

Fusion Organization Tracking Strategy

Our strategy for “fusion organization tracking” is guided by the need to develop a “Fusion Philanthropy App” akin to the “Fusion Investor App”, which is in turn related to the Fusion Experiment Tracker as well as the “fast track peer review” idea. 

The logic, data and programming that will go into making one of these apps will be relevant to the others.  In all cases, we need to think about some end uses before we start gathering information from (with!) our fellow fusion organizations. 

Fusion Philanthropy App

Consider the Fusion Philanthropy App.  This app will revolve around projects, which are (quite naturally) connected to organizations.

Imagine a potential fusion philanthropist, wondering what fusion project to support.  One person may want to support research, one education, one his/her alma mater.  The one that wants to support research may want to base this on type (basic science, experimental device, etc.) 

Many will be starting with a vague sense that it might be something they’d like to do, but they will have a lot of doubts.

Then, someone tells them about the Fusion Philanthropy App.  They download it, and up pops all kinds of information about fusion organizations and the work they are (and would like to be) doing. 

The philanthropist’s vague interest in fusion solidifies as the case for fusion (and specific ways to have an impact) resolves before their eyes.  They start to truly see how the projects are interrelated, where the gaps are, how their support affects one project as well as the whole endeavor.  Friendly rivalries can be leveraged (folks from different alma maters racing to raise more money for their universities fusion program).  There are many ways to dice data and make it useful.

These folks need access to information.  We thus plan to integrate information about organizations with information about experiments.  It all starts with the groups doing the work.  Do you represent any of the fusion organizations and websites listed below? Join us in the forums to discuss ways of going about this.  Some things to discuss:

  • Specific types of information you think should be included about an organization;
  • actions you would like people to take on an app. 
  • Types of widgets, logos or rss feeds that would be good to include.

Does this sound like something you would like to see?  Donate early and donate often to speed up the work of the Fusion Energy League and get involved to make the work more transparent and open sourced.

List of Fusion Organizations and Websites

Fusion Support and Advocacy Organizations

Fusion Power Associates (FPA)


The FPA is a research and educational foundation located in Washington, DC.  It provides information on fusion projects and policy, issues a newsletter, holds annual management level technical symposia. FPA has been a great source of information, feedback and insight for us. Membership Organization.  Staff is small (1.5 people), no growth plans (?).  FPA is at capacity with its present functions.

American Security Project (ASP)

ASP’s Fusion 2020 project communicates fusion issues to policymakers and strives to make fusion funding a key centerpiece of policy.  ASP promotes expansion of fusion program (see ASP white paper), making strong case in terms of American security needs and exceptionalism.

Fusion Future – MIT Alcator-C-Mod site

This site was launched in February 2012 in response to the President’s FY2013 budget cuts of the Alcator C-Mod program.  Vital and active in opposing the budget cuts, with focus on restoring the MIT program. 

University Fusion Associates (UFA)


Members of the UFA are professional and student researchers in educational institutions throughout the United States.  They communicate via email (the website is not very active). University fusion program funding has been eroding steadily, well before FY2013.  UFA as an organization has a budget less than $20K.

The ICC group – Innovative Confinement Concepts.


Website links to workshops on Innovative Confinement Concepts.  This is a catch all category for “everything else” – all the alternative fusion ideas.  The site here is for the workshop held last year.  Note: the ICC’s have changed their name to “Exploratory Plasma Research”.  This isn’t so much a formal organization as a loose association of alternatives.  This group also has a budget less than $20K for outreach. 

Focus Fusion Society (FFS)


A nonprofit fusion advocacy group that promotes aneutronic (advanced fuel) fusion with particular attention to the dense plasma focus device.  Supportive of other fusion alternatives, its resources and the attention of its members mostly revolves around its central device.  Has the expectation of short term success (the Dense Plasma Focus is expected to achieve fusion soon).   

Coalition for Plasma Science


CPS is a group of institutions, organizations, and companies joining forces to increase awareness and understanding of plasma science and its many applications and benefits for society.  Promotes plasma in general, not just fusion (fusion science is a sub-division of plasma science).  Provides educational materials.  Attends school events. Has a modest budget.

The FIRE Place


A great place to find the latest fusion news and a lot more. 

The Future: EllisKatz.net

http://www.the-future.elliskatz.net/ -  A web site on the Future of Fusion Energy, prepared by retired Aerospace Executive/Engineer (North American Aviation/Boeing).  Your comments appreciated.

Other Fusion Organizations

Thanks to Fusion Power Associates for this compilation of other fusion websites.  Most of the sites here correspond to National Labs, Companies, University Programs, Outreach and Education.  We want to go through the list and classify each accordingly.  Also, we would like to cross reference the site to specific types of research conducted, and otherwise integrate this information with the Fusion Experiment Tracker.  Survey pending. Please donate to speed up the process!

  1. American Nuclear Society - Fusion Energy Division
  2. American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics
  3. Argonne National Laboratory - Fusion Power Program
  4. ARPA-E
  5. Asociacion EURATOM - CIEMAT para Fusion (Spain)
  6. Boeing Aerospace High Energy Systems
  7. Burning Plasma Organization (U.S.)
  8. Cadarache: A European Site for ITER
  9. California Institute of Technology Plasma Page
  10. Centre for Research on Plasma Physics (Switzerland)
  11. Coalition for Plasma Science
  12. Columbia University
  13. Contemporary Physics Education Project for Fusion
  14. Culham Laboratory
  15. DOE Office of Fusion Energy Sciences
  16. DOE Office of Inertial Fusion and the NIF
  17. DOE Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB)
  18. Directory of Plasma Conferences (IEEE)
  19. Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corp. (ESEC)
  20. Ecole Polytechnique Intense Laser Lab (France)
  21. EFDA-JET
  22. D. V. Efremov Inst. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  23. Electro-Technical Laboratory (ETL) (Japan)
  24. EMC2 Fusion Development Corporation
  25. European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA)
  26. Frascati Tokamak Upgrade (Italy)
  27. Fusion Educational Page
  28. Fusion Energy League
  29. Fusion Facilities and Personnel Directory
  30. Fusion Future
  31. Fusion Ignition Research Experiment (FIRE)
  32. Fusion Meetings Calendar
  33. Fusion Power Associates - Fusion Program Notes
  34. General Atomics - Main Page
  35. General Atomics - Educational Page
  36. General Atomics - ICF Target Group
  37. Georgia Institute of Technology
  38. GSI Darmstadt - Main Page
  39. GSI Darmstadt - Atomic Physics
  40. GSI Darmstadt - Petawatt Laser
  41. Heavy Ion Fusion VNL at LBNL
  42. Heavy Ion Fusion News
  43. High Average Power Laser (HAPL) Program (US)
  44. Imperial College (England)
  45. Innovation Services, Inc.
  46. Instituto Gas Ionizzati (Padua, Italy)
  47. Institute of Nuclear Fusion (Madrid, Spain)
  48. Institute for Quantum Optics (Germany)
  49. Institute for Plasma Physics (Czech Rebuplic)
  50. Institute for Plasma Physics (Garching, Germany)
  51. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  52. IAEA Nuclear Information System
  53. IAEA World Survey of Fusion Activities
  54. Ioffe Institute High Temperature Plasma Lab
  55. ITER - International Site
  56. ITER - India Site
  57. ITER - Europe Site
  58. ITER - Korea Site
  59. ITER - U.S. Site
  60. JAERI (Japan)
  61. Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research
  62. Japan Tokamak - JT60
  63. Joint European Torus - JET (England)
  64. Journal of Fusion Energy
  65. KfA - Juelich (Germany)
  66. Korean National Fusion Research Institute
  67. Lab for ICF, Frascati (Italy)
  68. Lab for Physics of Gases and Plasmas (France)
  69. Lab for Plasma Physics - Royal Military Inst. (Belgium)
  70. Large Helical Device Project (Japan)
  71. Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - Heavy Ion Fusion
  72. LLNL Inertial Confinement Fusion
  73. Lawrence Livermore National Lab - LIFE Fusion-Fission Project
  74. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Laser Science and Tech
  75. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - NIF
  76. Lodestar, Inc.
  77. Los Alamos National Laboratory - Fusion Energy
  78. MIT Department of Nuclear Engineering
  79. Macfusion.org (John WIllis)
  80. MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
  81. Max-Planck-Inst for Quantum Optics (Germany)
  82. Max-Planck Inst. for Quantum Optics Theory Group
  83. National Energy Research Super Computer Center
  84. National Institute for Fusion Science (Japan)
  85. NRC Plasma Science Committee
  86. National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)
  87. Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Fusion Energy Division
  88. Osaka University, Institute of Laser Engineering (Japan)
  89. Oxford University High Power Laser Group
  90. Plasma Materials Test Facility (Sandia)
  91. Plasma Quebec
  92. Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  93. Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Central Laser Facility
  94. Queens University Plasma and Laser Interaction Physics
  95. Sandia Nat’l Lab -  Inertial Confinement Fusion
  96. Sandia Nat’l Lab - Materials Test Facility
  97. Snowmass - 1999
  98. Snowmass - 2002
  99. Stellarator News
  100. U. S. Naval Research Lab - Laser Plasma Branch
  101. U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Plasma Physics Division
  102. University Fusion Association
  103. University of California at Berkeley
  104. University of California at Irvine
  105. University of California at Los Angeles
  106. UC at San Diego - Fusion Energy Research Program
  107. UC at San Diego - Fusion Power Plant Studies
  108. UC at San Diego, Physics Dept., Plasma Research
  109. UC at San Diego - PISCES Program
  110. University of Maryland - Theory
  111. University of Maryland - Experimental
  112. University of Maryland - MCX
  113. University of Rochester - Laboratory for Laser Energetics
  114. University of Rochester - Fusion Science Center
  115. University of Texas
  116. University of Washington
  117. University of West Virginia
  118. University of Wisconsin - Research Programs in Plasmas and Fusion Technology
  119. Virtual Laboratory for Technology (USA)
  120. Weizmann Institute (Israel)
  121. Woodruff Scientific, Inc.


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