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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Nov 03, 2011 at 05:11 PM
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There are many excellent sources of fusion information and educational material on the internet.  Here we sift through and draw from those sources as we develop our education section.  Our upcoming educational materials will be developed in coordination with the games and the fusion experiment tracker.

We’ll be working on developing “light” as well as heavier (“hard core”) fusion educational materials.  If funded, our final output will be a comprehensive, user-friendly fusion education curriculum, integrated into games and apps, and the foundation of our “Fusion Experiment Tracker”.  We may also have enabled valuable contributions to fusion standards and metrics. 

Parameter Space Model

The plan is to develop a fusion “knowledge map” and an awesome graphical user interface (GUI) to help people navigate the “fusion parameter space.”  That all sounds like jargon now, but once it’s done, you won’t even feel the pain.

It will be designed to visually, intuitively demonstrate relationships of all the pieces of knowledge relating to fusion and the fusion challenge.

It will be centered around an experimental device approach so that you can start with a hands on device, and then when you’re ready, peer “under the hood” and drill down into the physics.

The materials we develop will be an important base for games and consumer products to build on. Indeed, games and consumer products will be integrated into the education campaign. 

The knowledge map will be dynamic, so that new discoveries can be integrated and the educational components (and games or apps) can be updated.


One of our members plans to work on a post that lays out (in layman’s terms) the thermonuclear parameter space along the lines of the 2009 article by Lindemuth & Siemon

The point of the post will be to show how little of the huge parameter space has actually been explored, and that the eventual, most attractive fusion energy device is likely to be somewhere in the untouched part of that parameter space.

Models for Output

We are inspired by the Khan Academy

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