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When you donate to the Fusion Energy League (FEL) as an Associate Member, you become part of an informed, diverse collection of people working together to make a better world:  a world in which the pursuit of fusion is enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding; and the realization of fusion is accelerated.  You become a social investor, a fusion philanthropist. 

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The Benefits


Sustaining Support of FEL
The warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting fusion.  (Very warm: 100 Million to 10 Billion degrees.  And very fuzzy:  it’s a particle, it’s a wave.)  You can proudly proclaim that you are part of something amazing, at work with some cool people to help solve a killer problem. 

We will post the your name on the website (unless you say otherwise - anonymous members welcome!) and recognize your generous contribution to the fusion cause.  Who will be the first Fusion 500?  Most auspicious.  Eventually, if there is a book, your name will be recorded in our Book of Fusion.

If you haven’t signed up already, you will be added to the mailing list.  We aim to publish at least twice a year, on the solstices, and more frequently as things heat up!

Pending Benefits:  The Day Will Come!

Alas, we don’t have the following membership benefits available yet, but as we get more members, we will be able to have more administrative capability and therefore more membership benefits.  One of those virtuous cycle things.  Here are some things we’d like to offer.  Help make it happen!

Membership Card
Pending.  We shall develop a unique, practical membership card that will have your member user name and number printed on it. By “practical” we mean that we want it to be something more than a card, something like a USB card with memory on it, that contains fusion experiment tracker software or the like, something that you can share as you go.  Note, this card does not exist yet.  So part of the task of members is to come up with it, including the artwork to adorn the card.  Collaboratively!  All in good time.  (Start a discussion in the forums).

Badges & Insignia
Pending.  As part of the social media platform, we will develop badges and insignia to mark the milestones in everyone’s journey.  We’ll have badges for learning stuff, for forming groups, for taking action, for writing articles, for spreading the word, a trail of stardust to mark the activity.  This needs some back end coding.  And also, some wicked badge design.

This also works as a way to track both donations and actions, as the badges and insignia are based on trackable points.  This isn’t about gamifying the fusion endeavor, rather it’s about keeping track of what it takes to make fusion happen.  How many social interactions does it take to ignite broad public passion for fusion?  Electric currency, social currency, financial currency - all have a role to play in fusion.  We want to track it, and celebrate all the impressions that add up to the whole.

Discount off FEL Merchandise
The day will come when we are awash in fusion themed consumer products, games & apps, educational materials, food stuffs, films, novels, songs.  We will seek to get members a discount on such things as part of membership.  That day is not here yet, but doesn’t it sound like fun!

Access to Journal Articles
Pending.  When trying to access academic journals online, there is often a fee associated. Most institutions provide these materials to their students, faculty, members and alumni. We could negotiate to likewise offer access, integrating this into the fusion tracker app.  We would have to pay for this or get it as an in-kind donation from the journals or the authors themselves.  e.g., Physical Review Letters has a “Free to Read” feature for authors in which “Authors or other parties may choose to pay a one-time fee to make chosen articles available to all readers at no cost and without a subscription.”  As a society, we could approach publications to make key articles available to our members with either a password, or what have you.  Research and negotiation required.

Coalition Perks
Pending.  The day will come when we have good relationships in place with other institutions and can offer perks such as museum discounts if you carry our membership card.  This could start with the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque, NM. 

Fusion Finance Perks

Pending.  The day may come when there is a fusion fund, and perhaps a fusion credit union and other instruments.  Facilitated access to these would be included in League membership. 

Your Suggestions and In-Kind Donations Welcome
What else should come with membership?  What do you have that you could donate to your fellow members?  Let us know.  We’ll include it in the bundle!

Legal Information

Non-voting: Associate Members are non-voting members of Fusion Energy League, Inc. (FEL).  More info »

Incorporation: The Fusion Energy League, Inc. is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of New Jersey on March 20, 2012.  Review our draft Bylaws (pdf).  As a fresh startup, we are looking to build our board.  Join the Board and guide us to our full potential. 

IRS Status: We are in the process of filing for our 501(c)(3) non-profit status.  It has not yet been granted, but most likely will be.  Once granted, the deduction would apply to donations going back to the date of incorporation.  Until then, it’s not guaranteed deductible.  Stay tuned for status updates!

Privacy:  We will not give or sell your information to anyone (aside from “Recognition” noted above, and information that you yourself post on your profile).

Becoming a Member

To become an Associate Member of the Fusion Energy League, make a donation.  All donations are in USD.  Annual donations start at the “Spark” level of $30 for students and nonprofits, $60 for others. Your spark will get this fire started.  Stronger members are invited to contribute at the Aurora ($120/yr) and Flame ($500/yr) levels.  Aurora and Flame contributions can also be made in monthly payments of $10 and $40 respectively.

Donate Via Paypal

Donations made via Paypal are set to auto renew.  You can cancel any time.  Or keep the spark alive!

Payment Options


Levels:  Spark to Supernova

We have named our donation levels after typical plasmas (nT not to scale).  Levels are cumulative.  Over time or with a group you can reach any level. All of us together can reach the highest level and beyond!  Donate via check as above, or use the ad hoc Paypal button below.  We will recognize donation levels on the forthcoming “Fusion Philanthropist” page (unless you prefer anonymity, of course!)

Levels of Donation

$60 - Spark
$120 - Aurora
$500 - Flame
$1000 - Glow Discharge
$5,000 - Solar Wind
$10,000 - Lightning*
$25,000 - Nebula
$50,000 - Solar Corona
$100,000 - Solar Core
$200,000 - Fusion Core
$500,000 - Ignition
$1,000,000 - Advanced Fuel
$2,000,000 - Nova
$10,000,000 - Supernova

*This is our present level with all donations.  Let’s get to Ignition and beyond!  Every Spark adds up.

Ad Hoc

Any amount is welcome! 
Use this button to specify any donation amount you like.

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