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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Nov 28, 2013 at 12:19 PM
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Author: Jeff Potter

Decode cooking!  Have something scientific and practical to say about gluten. Discover why alcohol doesn’t burn off during cooking, and more!

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Are you interested in the science behind what happens to food while it’s cooking? Do you want to learn what makes a recipe work so you can improvise and create your own unique dish?

More than just a cookbook, Cooking for Geeks applies your curiosity to discovery, inspiration, and invention in the kitchen. Why is medium-rare steak so popular? Why do we bake some things at 350 F/175 C and others at 375 F/190 C? And how quickly does a pizza cook if we overclock an oven to 1,000 F/540 C? Author and cooking geek Jeff Potter provides the answers and offers a unique take on recipes

You may not be able to calibrate your fusion reactor with sugar, but you can calibrate the heat of your oven using the melting point of sugar.

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More Cooking Implements for Geeks

We found this book on the fabulous

Avoid the Black Friday crush and peruse their kitchen items online!  Items such as the Tactical Kitchen Apron and the Enterprise Pizza Cutter.

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 Cooking for Geeks

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This is one of our favorite holidays.  It brings people together!  People who are often inspired to prepare food with a “fusion” theme.  Granted, they usually mean “cultural” and “culinary” fusion, but one day, they will also mean energy fusion! 

We raise our glasses to more fusion and more gains in the ever unfolding present.  And we wish you a joyous Thanksgiving, filled with food, friends and family. 

Let the festivities begin!

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