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Tri Alpha In the News

Rezwan Razani - May 06, 2013

Thanks to Michael Kanellos for a great overview of the Tri Alpha fusion project in Forbes.  Thanks to Mark Halper for further elaboration and broader context in Smart Planet.

Forbes on TriAlpha

Read the Forbes article here.

The Rusnano Group, a venture firm created by the government of Russia, is the latest investor to jump into Tri-Alpha Energy, one of the most potentially groundbreaking and mysterious companies in tech.

Kanellos notes that “Tri-Alpha has shared some tidbits about its aneutronic fusion technology—see this lengthy PowerPoint deck” - and goes on to list investors, which include Harry Hamlin, among others, all unconfirmed:

Other investors include Venrock, NEA, and Dale Prouty, a software expert with NASA in his background. Arno Penzias, the Nobel Prize winning physicist that confirmed the Big Bang, is a board member, according to sources. This SEC document from 2002 identifies Buzz Aldrin as an investor too.

The basic technology comes from Hendrik Monkhorst of the University of Florida and Norman Rostoker, a professor emeritus of physics and astronomy at University California Irvine that has been working in plasma physics for years.

Will Tri-Alpha confirm these details? No.

The article features a great picture of a Tri Alpha board meeting.  Kudos also for mentioning aneutronic fusion, and for this handy way to put fusion’s colossal upside in perspective:

A fusion reactor and an Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with water could provide enough power for the state of California.


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