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The US Government Budget Explained: Animation

Rezwan Razani - August 01, 2013

Every year, the fusion research budget increases or decreases with the vagaries of the US Federal Budget.  Why is it such a roller coaster?

I tried to explain the US Federal Budget process as it relates to fusion energy, but I didn’t understand just how surreal it is.

Then, I stumbled on CGP Grey’s Debt Limit animation.  I am amazed and scandalized.  Behold, the full splendor of the budget process.

Enjoy (or weep) and share!

Help Fund @CGPGrey’s work

Help us develop videos to explain the “Story of Energy.”  We would like to do a “Story of Stuff” type animation for energy production.  It’s part of the Cinderella Energy Project in which we shine a light on the actual materials consumed, fatalities caused and landscapes disrupted per Tera Watt of energy produced by energy type.   



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