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Kids, don’t do meth and have a pie eating contest in space.

Rezwan Razani - August 12, 2013

Breaking Bad meets Star Trek meets Pie Eating Contest.

Thanks to i09 and Jim Kakalios for alerting us to this Star Trek show down, animated just 14 hours after the Breaking Bad episode aired.  By Matt Czap.  Warning - this is from a Breaking Bad episode.  Harsh indigestion may ensue if you watch it.

What does this have to do with Fusion or Energy?

Content wise, nothing, except for the tenuous Star Trek connection (their ships run on fusion.  And they filmed their latest film at a Fusion Lab).  That’s enough to get it a spot on this site.

Process-wise - I find this video interesting because Matt popped it out in less than 14 hours.  We would love to have videos in which bits of text from our posts or recorded speeches are put to animation.  Who has that kind of talent and efficiency?  Let’s see your videos! 

And how would we fund the proliferation of videos? 

If you like a thing, you are under no obligation to fund it.  but if you want to see that thing continue and grow…you should know how to support it.  Some links:

And now, there’s a platform for it:  TubeStart



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