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John Hodgman, Economic Genius

Rezwan Razani - August 02, 2013

The Fusion Energy League has a sound plan to nuke fossil fuels and usher in the fusion age - and more!  This plan will come to fruition when you (yes you!) get involved.  Why?  Because that’s how it works.  Ask John Hodgman.

John Hodgman Explains What to Do if You Like a Thing

You may know him from his frequent appearances on the Daily Show where he dispenses sage investment advice.  You may also know him for his uncanny PC impersonations. 

He is also the towering force behind Ragnarok; and one of the great minds that gave initial feedback to Rob Reid’s Year Zero.  The former is an exclusively attended vigil at the Bell House in Brooklyn that is known to have prevented the end of the world on December 21, 2012.  The latter is a novel about aliens who illegally download Earthling music, only to have to destroy our planet to get out of paying exorbitant copyright penalties.  Said novel is also a solid inspiration to the Fusion Energy League.  As you see, we are watching this man’s career, and the career of his known associates, with great interest, and from a safe distance.

The revelations were falling thick and fast in Hodgman’s Ragnarok.  It was there that that he shone a blazing light on how to fund the Fusion Energy League.  No, he didn’t endorse this project directly.  He hasn’t heard of it.  But his words have such scope, such universality, that it clearly applies. 

Here, then, are his Words of Wisdom, taken from the “Further Optional Instructions” to his “Ragnarok” epic.

I have said before: if you like a thing, you are under no obligation to do anything beyond simply like it.

However, if you want to see that thing continue… if you choose to go one step further and SUPPORT a thing with your dollars and eyeballs, it behooves you to know the way to buy or enjoy that thing in the way that helps that thing and its creator the most.

Applying the Hodgman Principle to the Fusion Energy League

Hodgman is like the lead truck in a convoy of conscious capitalism and micro-patronage.  We’re easing the Fusion Energy League truck into the slipstream of his genius.  (Slipping in unbeknownst to him.  No endorsement on his part. We’re wantonly plagiarizing the great man.  Hopefully we won’t need the services of a Nick Carter .)

If you like the Fusion Energy League, you are under no obligation to do anything beyond simply like it. 

However, if you want to see the League continue….if you choose to go one step further and support the League…here’s how to do it.

That’s right.  No obligation.  If you want FEL to be: Do it now!  Become a Fusion Energy League Philanthropist. 

Thank you.

Now, let’s nuke those fossil fuels.



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