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Hans Rosling Uses Legos to Illustrate Our Global Energy Challenge

Rezwan Razani - July 06, 2013

Hans Rosling exhibits wonderful optimism in the face of daunting global challenges.  Maybe it’s the legos and beads that make it all seem possible.

Hans Rosling is a founder of Gapminder, “Fighting devastating ignorance with fact-based worldviews everyone can understand.”  Here, he explains population growth, infant mortality and energy consumption with legos and beads:

The Role of Fusion

Could fusion power supply clean energy for generations to come? First we have to get it to work.  Which means we need broad public support for fusion research.  Support fusion now!  Track your fusion contenders over at the fusion experiment tracker.  Support your contenders with the fusion philanthropy app.

The Portfolio

For those who would like to make sure the backup power is also being deployed in the short run, check out the discussion on Footprint to Wings.


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