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Rezwan Razani - May 02, 2013

“Reaching Hearts and Minds through Stomachs”

Thanks to Matthew Wallin at the American Security Project for posting about Gastrodiplomacy and bringing our attention to the term.  Thanks also for academic validation for the Fusion Food Campaign!  Matthew writes:

Yesterday, I attended an event at American University discussing the merits of “gastrodiplomacy”—a term basically meaning the public diplomacy of food. The event was hosted by the School of International Service’s Public and Cultural Diplomacy Forum.

Gastrodiplomacy, as coined by Paul Rockower, is a public diplomacy tool which he describes as a method of reaching hearts and minds through people’s stomachs. He further explained that the use of food can be a key element of a nation branding strategy, and a method that holds great promise for “middle powers” seeking to increase their international influence through the promotion of their culture. Quoting Frederick Kaufman, as “the history of the world is a history of hungry people,” Rockower argued that food can be identified as a basic element of commonality.

Fusion Gastrodiplomacy

Here at the Fusion Energy League we’re all about leveraging food for fusion.  Now we have a fancier term for it.  Thanks! 

GastroFusors (Fusion Gastronauts?) don’t hesitate to get involved with the Fusion Food Campaign. 


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