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Rezwan Razani - March 23, 2013

The Fusion Energy League would like to set up the @FusEnLeague twitter account to be taken over weekly by different fusion researchers, investors and protagonists, people who have a fusion story and desire.

What is Rotation Curation?

Per Wikipedia, #RotationCuration “is the concept of rotating the spokesperson on a broad scoped social media account. Such a scope can be a location, a country, an organisation, a group, and so on. The concept is prominent on Twitter”.  It became prominent in December of 2011, when the Swedish Institute  and VisitSweden initiated the Curators of Sweden social media campaign.  Since then, the account has featured a different Swede every week, “curating” the account, tweeting about their experience and perspective of Sweden. 

More info on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curators_of_Sweden

Who would curate the Fusion Energy League account?

The broad scope of @FusEnLeague is the fusion endeavor. 

We are not limited to any specific lab, researcher, or fusion process and thus are free to make sure that the full breadth of labs and research endeavors are expressed and explored.  We would like to hear about the various facets of different fusion experiments and get a sense of their characteristics and the characters behind them.

We also want to hear from fusion investors, policy makers, students, educators, futurists, cultural figures such as authors, musicians, gamers who have a passion for fusion.  Many people are involved in the exploration and development of fusion, and the desire for fusion.  It would be great to hear the diversity of voices, week by week.  This would result in a well rounded perspective of the mosaic of fusion.

How Would We do this?

Two questions come to mind: 

Administration: How do we set the guest curator up as a list within the account?  @Sweden differentiates each user with a slash, i.e., @Sweden/Peter.  For us it might be @FusEnLeague/Stellarator;

Security - How are transitions made?  The curator gets a password, but do you just hand over the whole account to them and hope they peacefully return it at the end?  I can imagine some going rogue. 

I sent an email to the folks @Sweden asking if they had a FAQ on how they did it.  Their reply:

There is no FAQ-site on the administration around this thing but there might be in the future since we get a lot of questions. I think you should try to ask one of the other rotation curation accounts, one that is not official, since they probably have simple solutions on this.

Well, you heard it folks - I’m bouncing this out to the crowd.  What are our next steps? 

Let’s rotate!



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