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Fusion Petition in support of ASP Fusion in 10 Years Plan

Rezwan Razani - March 26, 2013

Let’s get a petition going around an Apollo style rally for fusion in 10 years.

A Fusion Initiative

With fabulous initiative, David Doucette has started a White House Petition: Increase spending on Hydrogen Plasma/Fusion Energy Research by $100 Billion over ten years

The petition is “live” for 30 days and timed to close on Earth Day. $100 Billion over ten years is too big for industry, yet can be easily achieved with government resources. This is about long-term downsizing of the carbon fuel colossus for good. The result will benefit mankind for generations.

Thank you David! 

Requested tweaks

Asking for $100Bn might be a way to start a conversation about fusion funding. 

For actually getting funding, it might be more effective to connect a petition to the American Security Project Fusion in 10 years Apollo-style plan

This plan has recognition value on the hill.  A lot of work has been done to get the proposal in front of our various representatives in Washington.  If a petition about it gets enough signatures, that would be a great signal to those reps that people care about fusion. 

ASP’s report lays out an “Apollo Program” for fusion power that will lead to demonstration-level fusion power within a decade. To get there, the report provides several recommendations. For example, the President should appoint a Fusion Power Commissioner to organize, streamline and lead on fusion power development.

David, would it be possible to revise your petition?  Or do we need to set this up fresh? 

Getting Signatures

The fusion community is newish as far as leveraging social media.  It is thus crucial to get some non fusion people on board to help promote this.  To that end, here’s a tweet sent to some cool people in search of support: 

Who else to recruit?

So curious to see who will stand up for fusion!

Fusion heroes, rise!


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