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Rezwan Razani - March 26, 2013

The Fusion Academy offers a three-day crash course in the science and technology of nuclear fusion. In collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology, the Fusion Academy has developed a unique program adopted to professionals in the fusion research and development field.

More at www.fusionacademy.eu

Next course dates: April 17-19, 2013
Cost: 1950 €

Who is the course for?  Per the site:

  • For engineers involved in ITER: learn how the physics and technology are entangled, acquire the required knowledge outside your expertise.
  • For managers or engineers in the fusion related industry: find out the opportunities for your company and obtain the required background.
  • For science journalists and scientific advisers: giving you the necessary background to judge all the claims made by the public and the scientists: progress, impact, radioactivity, costs, challenges, solutions and problems of the fusion endeavor.
  • For administrative and project staff in Fusion Research Centers or European Commission: to understand the motivation of your colleagues in the research or engineering, and get acquainted with the issues and terminology of fusion research.
  • For scientists from adjacent fields: interested in a career-switch? Experience the challenges of the fusion field!
  • For newcomers in the field: we provide you with a kick start in the new field.
  • For all others: learn about the fascinating world of fusion energy and the extremes of a fusion reactor: extreme in temperature, power, forces, material loads, complexity‚Ķ

Thanks Roger Jaspers of the ITER LinkedIn group for the information!



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