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Earth Hour - Ninja Style

Rezwan Razani - March 29, 2014

Does the thought of turning the lights off early for Earth Hour fill you with dread?  Let the Ninjas inspire you with their natural approach to energy conservation.

As seen on Twitter, it’s Earth Hour!  And people are turning out the lights, including Iranians, who lack the nuclear power to provide green house gas free electricity.

Ninja Earth Hour

What’s the big deal?  Ninjas don’t even turn the lights on in the first place!

Askaninja explains:

More on the AskANinja Website!

A closer look at the question “Alex” asked Askaninja:

If superman is capable of traveling at almost the speed of light, then according to Einstein’s Theory every time he impacted a particle of the air he would release energy equivalent to 1/100 the power of the Hiroshima Bomb, killing or irradiating all the people near his line of flight.

A good point!  Which brings up two other points:
1) We can use Superman for Energy.
2) Speaking of the “Hiroshima Bomb Index” - Fossil Fuels are Nuking Our Planet.



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