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CGP Grey Explains his one-stick-figure operation

Rezwan Razani - August 06, 2013

...and how important your contributions are to making it thrive.

CGP Grey Video

Regular readers of the Fusion Energy League blog will recognize CGP as the author of the brilliant video explaining the debt ceiling which explains the US Government budget - which explains why government funding of fusion is such a dismal roller coaster ride. 

In this video, he explains how your voluntary subscription will enable him to continue creating excellent animations. 

Fusion Corollary

See the corollary!  Most of the work on this site is done by one person, and with no advertising fairy to help out.  Your voluntary contributions are the only source of income for this work.  If you want to see it continue, Voluntarily fund the Fusion Energy League.  

We don’t have those CGP Grey animation skills, but we do have an amazing endeavor we are launching.  Be a part of it!

And fund CGP as well (how can you not, after watching the video).  One day, we hope to collaborate with him on Fusion Energy League videos.

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