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Celebrate Fusion Exploration with Sigils

Rezwan Razani - May 15, 2013

A “sigil” is a royal seal.  The Albert Einstein students designed their sigils complete with a catchphrase for each project/house.  To our delight, one of the projects was ITER.

Game of Fusion

The challenge now is to design sigils for all the excellent fusion projects out there.  Artists, jump in!

In addition, we’ll need catchphrases.  Thank you to Jas Strong on Google+ for getting that started:

House of Tokamak:  Go Big Or Go Home
House of ICF:  Blink And You Miss It
House of Polywell:  Many Symmetries Unite
House of DPF: Through Instability, The Stars
House of MTF:  Pinch is Strength
House of Colliding Beam:  Q is Coming´╗┐