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Rezwan Razani - March 25, 2013

Dennis Whyte of MIT gave a TED Talk entitled:  “Bringing a Star to Earth For Energy”

Per TEDxBeaconSt

Our lives revolve entirely around electricity. Dennis Whyte, a Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT, has a vision for how we can consume energy in a cleaner, nearly limitless way. It’s called magnetic fusion—the same process that keeps our sun and stars burning bright. To recreate that power, a group of researchers at MIT are working to bring a star to earth—that is, they’re engineering a device that uses powerful magnetic fields and advanced superconductor materials. It’s not science fiction, it’s happening right now at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center in Cambridge, MA. In this future-facing TEDxBeaconStreet talk, Dennis Whyte talks through the development of a revolutionary energy device that can change our world in a very big way.

Learn more at fusionfuture.org.

Game Changer

The new information comes at minutes 12-14, touching on the recent semiconductor tape innovation with cost saving and practicality implications.  It could be a game changer.  Very exciting!  Let’s get this message out!  Perhaps an animation would help.

Fusion Lockdown

The video ends with a wake up call.  At minute 14:00 Dr. Whyte points out that these advances are all in jeopardy.  He doesn’t get into the details.  We need a “Part II” to this talk.  The “Save MIT” TED talk.  We’re standing by! 

In closing, Dr. Whyte references the http://fusionfuture.org site for the details.  I visited the site, and noticed that things have changed a bit.  It was once very clearly advocating the saving of MIT (the banner proclaimed boldly, “Save the Alcator C-MOD”).  It now seems to be a classic information/education site with a little bit of “we’re in jeopardy” information in the sidebar.  I am concerned because if you just read the titles in the sidebar, you can easily get the impression that things are fine.  The last headline says, “funding is restored.”  Is it?
Please clarify, MIT!



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