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Astro Teller invites us to take a Moonshot

Rezwan Razani - May 28, 2013

Astro Teller says, “Let’s all go do moonshots. But wait, there’s a catch. But the catch isn’t what you think.”

Posted by Solve For X on Google+:

Astro Teller captivated the audiences at Google Zeitgeist in London last week with a talk about taking moonshots.  He said when he speaks to small start-ups they say they don’t have any money, moonshots are for the big corporates; when he goes to the big corporates they say they don’t take big risks, moonshots are for the small start-ups.  And when he goes to government they say, maybe check back in another 20 years.  We have to create a context for ourselves and our organizations to dare to do what seems impossible.  And once we do, there’s no going back.

Fun fact: Astro Teller is the grandson of Edward Teller, who, per Charles Seife,

...was so ridiculously optimistic that fellow physicists measured enthusiasm in “Tellers” just as they would measure mass in kilograms or time in seconds.

It was meant as a slur, but when you read on in Seife’s book, as noted in this post, you get to the part where Teller’s optimism pays off with success! 



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