Fusion Energy League

Bringing People And Nuclei Together

About Fusion Energy League

We're a community encouraging a fusion-based human civilization.

Why We're Here

How do we overcome today's challenges with achieving fusion? What are the challenges of achieving fusion? Why do some fusion projects get a substantially larger chunk of funding when some people have recognized that there may be completely alternative (feasible and viable) approaches?

These are some of the hard questions worth asking. They enable the entire fusion community to define, explore, and lead us to operate in new ways to accomplish the goal that we have.

How We Operate

The Fusion Energy League approaches these hard questions with curiosity and a mind full of possibility. We have a board with members of diverse disciplines including fusion researcher to non-profit management and user experience design.

What We Do

Our activities today:

If we look ahead to the days of tomorrow, we're always considering many more possibilities for how we engage with the fusion community:

What We've Learned

We have to start simple and small.

Today, we're a small team on a shoestring budget. This means we have to first focus on compelling content and reasons for people to come back to our website.


Fusion Energy League
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